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Official Position Statement

IEEE is an excellent organization – together we can make it even better. We need equal benefits for all members globally, better value preposition for membership and leadership rejuvenation. I serve the IEEE and with your support, we will be the change that we want to see in our organization.

As Region 8 Director, I will seek to:

  • Provide direction in operationalizing strategy
  • Bring forward a better understanding of geographic, cultural, political, economic and technical diversity in our region
  • Enhance programmes to support our member’s careers and professional development
  • Strengthen relations with European institutions and national associations throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia
  • Support activities of our students, graduate students and GOLD members.

I look forward to being an instrument of empowerment for all our members and volunteers, which will reinforce our strength to deliver the best for our members and humanity at large, within one universal IEEE.

2 thoughts on “Official Position Statement

  1. I like your message Prof. Saurabh Sinha,,, and you are really the candidate for region 8 Director ,,, take my vote and regards

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